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The internal regulations state that everyone aged 16 and over must act as umpire during at least two matches of another team.

Membership is entered into per association year, which runs from January 1 through December 31.

The membership fee is 165.00 per year.
You can pay this in installments. However, there are a few conditions.

You must have paid the first half before July 1 of the current year.
You must have paid the total sum before December 15 of the current year.
If you enter later, it is possible that your monthly amount in the first half of the
year will be higher.


- If you join after August 15, you will pay half the annual membership fee.

- Join after October 1, you pay per month you are a member.

- Coaches and board members are exempt from dues payments.

Membership is 165.00 per year.
Even if you pay in installments, you will still owe the full annual dues.

Should you for any reason not be or remain a full year member, you will still owe the full membership fee.

Account number:
NL88 ABNA 0574.2288.88 in the name of HSCM.

Membership Cancellation:
Because a membership year is the same as a calendar year, it must be
be cancelled before November 1 of the current year in order for a membership to
end on December 31. Therefore, there is a minimum notice period of one month and the
month and the membership can only be cancelled with effect from 1
In other words: stop playing baseball in, for example, July and terminate the membership, means that the membership will be terminated as of January 1
of the following year.

Cancellation can only be done in writing or by email to: